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Fablab Cantho A Platform for Innovation in the Open

Founded in August 2016, Fablab Cantho is the first Fablab in Mekong Delta officially recognized by The Fab Foundation. It aims at one goal: connecting talents to create an open platform for innovation.

The main activities of Fablab Cantho consist of four pillars:

  1. Learn: Give do-it-yourself (DIY) and step-by-step tutorials on STEM topics selected by fabmasters
  2. Make: Provide equipements for learners/makers to make their prototypes/products
  3. Share: Promote existing prototypes/products with guidance to makers community and potential clients/investors
  4. Sell: Sell valuable products to final users/clients

Existing products made by fabmasters vary from fine art & handmade accessories to robotics & smart devices.

One of the most important assets of "Made in Fablabs" products is DIY spirit - you buy products, you have products + guidance how to make them.

Fablab Cantho is a member of ACTICIO Labs (Applied Computing Technologies & Initiatives Consortium for Innovation in the Open).


Empower young talents in an open ecosytem for the innovation


Train the trainers, promote community products


Connect talented influencers to boost local projects


To be a regional accelerator

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