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Fablab Cantho & partners presented products at International Day of the Francophonie

During the Ceremony of the International Day of the Francophonie from 11 to 12 March 2017 at Lưu Hữu Park (Cantho), Fablab Cantho presented in the booth of CONFLUENS - Alumni AUF its new products including:

  • 3D Printer for Problem-based learning of HAPIE Project (Funded by Britich Council)
  • Flycam drones
  • Robots for International Day for Peace of UNESCO

There were also products from its partners such as:
- Bean Sprouts Machine of Arduino Coffee Shop
- Abacus/Biometrics Predictor/STEM KIT of Tuong Minh Intelligence Developement Center

On the occasion, Mr. Nguyen Tan Dai, Responsible of AUF (Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie) in Ho Chi Minh City talked about the opportunities in the Francophonie at Ximuoi Coffee, then visited Fablab Cantho, DKH - A satellite of Fablab Cantho specialized in digital printing.

Acknowledgement: Chuong Vo Van, Nguyen Tan Dai, Thịnh Hugo, Phạm Duy Anh, Trí Bill, Hoai-Tuong Nguyen, Nhan Thanh, Arduino Coffee Shop, Hai Van Ta, Toán Trí Tuệ - TƯỜNG MINH, Pham Gia Vinh, Minh Thư, Cà Phê Xí Muội Tp Cần Thơ., Tống Thanh Triều (Credict (C) Super Photos), Huỳnh Ngọc Thái Anh (Credict (C) Great Video)

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